The Thread That Keeps Us ltd.2CD
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The Thread That Keeps Us ltd.2CD

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You'll receive an instant download of the first two singles "End of the World with You" and “Voices in the Field“

Limited Double CD (album + bonus disc with 7 bonus songs) comes in a deluxe Digipak with 20 page booklet.



  1. End of the World with You 
  2. Voices in the Field
  3. Bridge to Nowhere
  4. Spinball 
  5. Under the Wheels
  6. The Town & Miss Lorraine
  7. Flores y Tamales
  8. Another Space
  9. Unconditional Waltz
  10. Girl in the Forest
  11. Eyes Wide Awake
  12. Dead in the Water
  13. Shortboard 
  14. Thrown to the Wild
  15. Music Box


  1. Longboard
  2. Luna Roja
  3. Curse of the Ride
  4. Lost Inside
  5. Inside the Energy Field
  6. End of the Night
  7. Dream on Mount Tam

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